About the company

The «Workshop of gifts» is one of the big producers and suppliers of quality design and souvenir items made from wood and covered with art decor. 

The firm exists from 1992. This term is enough to speak about stability and competence in this business area.

Our range of goods consists of more than 500 items.

For a moment the firm produces six topical groups: 

  1. Articles with a flowery profusion
  2. Tea cozies
  3. Russian nesting dolls with characters from tales inside
  4. Traditional Russian nesting dolls, weeble wobbles
  5. Protective amulets
  6. Christmas presents
  7. Easter egg

The company has a design department of development of new items and new samples projects based on our clients orders.

Longstanding experience of export of the articles of the firm «Workshop of gifts» let to develop the effective scheme of collaboration with many foreign partners from such countries as: the USA, England, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Chile etc.

From the history

In 140 km to the north-east from Moscow at the shores of Lake Pleshcheyevo there is an ancient fairytale town called Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. It is founded in 1152. At the initiative of the “Gift Studio” there was founded the Center of conservation and development of national traditions called “the House of Berendey” in Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. 

The legends of Berendeys who were living on Pereslavl land have their roots in far antiquity. There is the word “berendeyki” in Russian language; these are painted wooden carved or chiseled figurines of people and animals which were being sold in ancient times at fairs. 

More than a quarter of a century the painters of LLC “Gift Studio” produce the articles of folk artistic craft of a large variety exclusively handmade and based on an ancient technology. They carefully conserve the rich artistic heritage of the masters of Yaroslavl region.

Modern “berendeyki” are the revival of traditions of Russian people and their distinctive character.

The enterprise’s production has a success among the customers from across Russia and many foreign countries. On our website NEW WEBSITE you can always familiarize yourself with a wide range of the output products.

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